If you are looking for reliable and an affordable luxury rent a car in Rawalpindi Islamabad then look no further than Hamza Travels and Motors because they offer the best rent a car Islamabad Rawalpindi service. With over 12 years in business, they have the ability to fulfill the required needs of their customers in order to achieve well.

Over this period, we have gathered 1800 HAPPY CUSTOMERS, many of whom return to us again and again because they TRUST us to deliver the right solution for them. Among their corporate clients are Zong, House of Habib, Ly Group, General Petroleum & Webtronix. Another advantage of Hamza Travels – Rent a car is that you can reach them 24/7 making them Your Best Travel Partner.

What makes more special about Hamza Travels and Motors?

Hamza Travel and Motors specialize in luxury rent a car Islamabad Rawalpindi hire at affordable prices. Their huge fleet comprises PREMIER GERMAN CAR BRANDS, such as Mercedes, Audi, and BMW. Where else will you have the choice of 175 cars? Only at Hamza Travel and Motors Rent a Car Islamabad Rawalpindi. In addition, if you need a driver, they have 150 trained drivers who know their way around the city and who can also take you across Pakistan in comfort, without having to worry about routes. This is perfect for the busy businessman who is on a tight schedule and for a busy mom who needs to take the children to school, go shopping and meet her friends for coffee. Hamza Travel -Rent a car has it all.

Apart from our luxury German cars, we also have a large number of other vehicles to suit your needs. We have luxury Toyotas, such as the Toyota Crown, Toyota Prado, and Land Cruiser V8. Alternatively, if you need a rugged 4-wheel drive vehicle to visit development sites then look no further than the Toyota Vigo or Revo. We also have a number of Saloon cars and small city cars which can zip in and out of traffic with ease.

What makes Hamza Travels -Rent a Car different?

Hamza Travels and Motors Rent a Car Islamabad Rawalpindi also prides itself on providing vehicles for group travel. In fact, they are known to be one of the TOP SERVICE PROVIDERS for this type of vehicle. They have the Toyota Hiace which boasts 12 Executive Comfortable Seats, perfect for fitting the whole family if you are going out for a sightseeing tour or need to take college students for an expedition.

If you need an even larger vehicle, we have the Coaster Saloon for you. What’s a better way to get to a party or wedding, than in this luxurious 30 seated Car. You can arrive at your party in comfort and style. If there are more people in your party, no problem! Hamza Travels and Motors will provide as many cars as you need.

In touch with us either by calling us on our number or by directly calling or emailing us and we will be happy to discuss your requirements in detail and would give you a competitive quote!

Rent a car Islamabad Rawalpindi with Hamza Travel and Motors – YOUR BEST TRAVEL PARTNER

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