The first idea that comes to your mind when you’re thinking about planning a journey towards the north side of Pakistan is that you likely need transportation, and one of the alternatives is to rent a car in Islamabad or any other town you’re leaving from. You can find your desired vehicle with Hamza Travels and Motors in Islamabad. Rent a car with Hamza Travels & Motors and we will provide you cars that have comfort, space, the off-road ability for your long journey.

In recent years Pakistan has become world’s one of the best tourist attractions and has been recognized a top travel destination by the British Backpacker Society. Lately, several foreign YouTubers also visited Pakistan and visited the breathtaking landscapes, snow-capped mountains, land covered with lush greenery and majestic rivers. Such reasons compel an individual to take a break and head north with their loved ones and relax with nature. There is so much to explore within our beautiful country that Pakistanis do not need to go abroad for vacations, honeymoon or destination wedding. You can easily create those memories here.

Rent A Car for Karimabad, Hunza Valley

Pakistan’s northern regions are the paradise for those seeking adventure because this region is rich in cultural heritage. Get ready to explore a whole new dimension of Karimabad, Hunza Valley with Hamza Travels and Motors Islamabad. You will love to visit these places mentioned below:

1.  Visit the Serene Ganish Village 

Ganish Village has been home to many tribes and it is the oldest and first settlement on the ancient Silk Route, situated on the right bank of Hunza River. Ravishing Ganish Village has won a UNESCO’s Asia Pacific Heritage Award twice due to its outstanding restoration and preservation work.

2. Climb up towards the Baltit Fort 

Baltit Fort is over 700 years old and it was home to the royal family of Hunza for centuries.

Ginani Festival at Baltit Fort

Even today, festivals like Ginani are celebrated in the Baltit Fort. Hire Hamza Travels and Motors Islamabad to visit and enjoy these celebrations

Restoration of Baltit Fort happened in 1996 and the fort was opened for public. According to an estimate, over 15,000 people visit Baltit Fort which includes both local and foreigners and now all the activities are managed by the Baltit Heritage Trust.

 3. Hike To The Ultar SarBase Camp –

This breathtaking place called Ultar Peak is known for its panoramic views making it a visually striking peak. It is situated in the Batura groups of mountains the Karakorum Range. These beautiful mountains lay in center Hunza region 113km, from Gilgit and 715km away from the capital city of Islamabad.

Rent A Car – Hamza Travels And Motors Towards Attabad Lake, Hunza Valley

Woohoo! You might have been planning a trip towards the magnificent north of Pakistan. Let Hamza Travels and Motors be your travel partner during this memorable journey and be your guide to make you enjoy the matchless beauty of Attabad Lake, Hunza Valley.

1. Sweet Tooth Igloo

Sweet Tooth Igloo in Hunza Valley has this view at Attabad Lake is all any person can dream of. This restaurant in the region’s mountainous valley Hunza is attracting every Pakistanis to rethink over their traveling and honeymoon choices.

Imagine yourself sitting on the wooden chairs, enjoying some hot tea along with one of their mouthwatering brownie, and admiring the natural beauty of this lake.

2. Luxus Resort

This beautiful landscape of Luxus Resort in Hunza Valley is a must place to stay. Waking up to a soothing view surrounded by mountains and water sounds dreamy. Everyone dreams of a vacation far away from the busy city life and wants to get closer to nature experiencing calmness and serenity that was missing.

Final Thoughts

What are your plans for summer vacations? For many Pakistanis this time period is the HURRAH of summer, so make sure you squeeze out as much fun as possible. If you love taking road trips with kids and your parents then rush and hit the road and start exploring with Hamza Travels and Motors. The best way to explore the northern areas is to go on a guided tour with a rental car.

Ultimately, you’re the only one who can decide what kind of rental car is best for your family trip. We have a wide range of vehicles, at HAMZA TRAVELS AND MOTORS – RENT A CAR. Hire your ideal rental vehicle today!

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